Why South Florida? Marcy F. Javor of Signature ONE Luxury Estates Explains

(Boca Raton, FL) --- Multimillion-dollar homebuyers and sellers look at the TIMING of a buy or sell, and timing in 2020 was everything, according to Director of Luxury Sales with Signature ONE Luxury Estates, Ms. Marcy F. Javor. Her past success as a trader, risk manager, and CEO of her own company for 25 years, combined with her management style, make her the ultimate REALTOR®, a vessel of knowledge many national and international buyers seek for Florida’s luxury, waterfront homes.

On COVID-19 in 2020, Ms. Javor remarks: “So many people, especially Midwesterners and West Coast residents chose South Florida and especially East Boca Raton as their location destination, for instance Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club, where I specialize in listing and bringing buyers.  Newcomers could have chosen any other state, but Florida’s low taxes, gorgeous weather, and the homes we showcase provide them every convenience for stay-at-home lifestyles.”  

Broker-President & Principal of The Signature Real Estate Companies, Mr. Ben G. Schachter, says, “Ms. Javor continually has a pulse, an ingenuity about the real estate arena.” She sold over $100 million as last year’s proof. 

Because hers is a boutique-style brokerage, Ms. Javor takes only a dozen clients simultaneously, governing a well-groomed REALTOR® staff. “No is not an answer,” she says, adding, “Believe in yourself and never give up.” Her message keeps us grounded as we continue to #StayAtHome.