Come to the One Who Gets It Done: Signature’s Ms. Marcy F. Javor

(Boca Raton, FL) --- When Ms. Marcy F. Javor speaks, listen up. There are few like Ms.
Javor who are true female exemplary leaders and influencers earning our attention, trust
and adulation. She’s known for her record-breaking sales in Royal Palm Yacht & Country
Club (RPYCC), even in light of its customary price points. Knowing RPYCC implicitly gives
her a leading edge.

Her partner, Broker-President & Principal of The Signature Real Estate Companies, Mr. Ben
Schachter, affirms her talent. “Ms. Javor is a dynamo, there are few who replicate her sales
insight and the trust of Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club residents. Her pedigree is bar
none, her energy remarkable.”

“No is not an answer,” she says, adding, “Believe in yourself and never give up.” These are
her guiding affirmations that have, no doubt, catapulted her to The Signature Real Estate
Companies’ Top-Producing Agent, four years running. Her latest coup: an elite waterfront
sale in RPYCC.

“This was new construction selling at 12,995,000 (fetching $5,000 over asking), and the
seller and I have worked on multiple properties in RPYCC. This seller is thrilled, achieving
the highest price per square foot on the water in Royal Palm to date. It’s over $1,794 per
square foot, was on market less than 30 days, and the buyer bought and closed in fewer
than 10 days,” says Ms. Javor.